2008-09-15 21:59:09

SUCH a fun shoot with SUCH a fun couple!! I laughed soooo hard the entire time! Megan & Matt…you two are the best!! Can’t wait for your wedding next fall! 🙂

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  1. YEAHHHH!! these are great Jess!! Thank you so much. We had a blast with you too!! I can’t wait until next fall:) YOu are the best. Be prepared to laugh even more at the wedding

  2. Very nice Photo’s…. I especially like the pictures with Meg in the purple shirt!!! 🙂

  3. The grandmother of the bride says thank you Jessica. You took two beautiful subjects and enhanced that beauty.

  4. Megan, these photos are fantastic! They look like they belong in a magazine! You guys look GREAT!

  5. Jessica, The pictures look great, it was a lot of fun. Can’t wait till next year!!! PS…I have left the car business and now a full time model…yeah right;-)

  6. Nice car! Our family loves any picture witha vette in it! Love the whole harrison & wayne jerseys:) Go colts. Nice job Jess 😉

  7. Wow! You two look like professionals. Nicely done! Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple.

  8. great pics!!! I knew there would be colts items somewhere. I think u should pretty much make a poster out of all of them. When u do, send them to CT!!!! I love you guys!!!

  9. Megan & Matt…you two look awesome in these shots. The photographer did a great job. I wish the best for you two. Both of you will always be good friends in my life. Take Care. Miss ya.

  10. Megan-Awesome pictures. I love the ones in the car. You both look so happy! Congrats girl!

  11. ZOWY!!!! Amazing! I love pics that show committment, passion and lust . . . I mean LOVE!!!! You two are incredible! Go Colts (my favorite).

  12. just when i thought i loved one photo, i loved another & another & another!! what a great shoot showing different sides of them! they are a beautiful couple!! 🙂 great job!!

  13. Megan…you look absolutely beautiful girl!!! My favorite is the last one…you look so sophisticated in your red:-). You two look marvelous together!!!! Congratulations…and by the way where is the dog?

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