2011-10-13 23:39:27

From the first 5 minutes of meeting Rachel and Sam many months ago, I KNEW that I was going to LOVE them! We just clicked….it was effortless. They are just soo cool, it’s easy to adore them. And soo chill. And soo nice. And soo fun. Most importantly, they have IT. Just that certain something, that way of connecting, that certain magic about them. You will see it, they can’t HIDE it. And it’s a good thing because I LOVE capturing that kind of magic. Photographing them is like a walk in the park on a crisp fall day….easy, refreshing and good for the soul. We had an absolute blast on the lovely Friday evening that we shared. They were wise to start out their engagement shoot with a nice glass of wine, all shoots (well, not kids shoots! hehe!) should start with a glass of wine! And from there, we just spent hours hanging out, talking, laughing and having SOO much fun! We were even serenaded by an entire high school band during our shoot! NO kidding. Ok, maybe they weren’t there for JUST us, but nothing gives an engagement session some awesome energy like an full band busting out the tunes(current hits too! rhianna! usher! who knew!?)!! Rachel & Sam….I sooo enjoyed your company and can’t tell you how much I appreciate you truly embracing this shoot and your time together. Don’t ever loose that magic…. 😉 Can’t wait to capture it again in April!!

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  1. you are a crazy blogger girl! First of all, the Rachel is a total hottie. What a fabulous sense of style that she has. And Sam is a cutie pie! Adorable couple. Great, great pics Jessica. You are super talented and I always love viewing your work!

  2. I also think Sam is a hottie too! What a beautiful couple. 🙂 I’ve never seen such great photography, Jessica you have done a great job

  3. Really enjoyed the photographs.The sequencing was impressive and reflects the talent of the photographer,Jessica.We’re happy and excited for both of you.Think of you often………

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