2007-05-25 22:52:15

What a fun session I had today with Sara & Rory! I traveled to Troy, Ohio for the shoot…and what a super cute town that was, PERFECT for their shoot!! Sara had the idea to do the shoot in their hometown because it’s where they met, where they live and where their wedding would be, so clearly it was full of meaning for them! She also thought the town would be ideal for their shoot because of how cute it was….I’m glad she thought so because I love getting to shoot in new environments! Sara & Rory are such a fantastic couple! They are soo in love and happy…and that made it easy to photograph them! (and they like to kiss alot, as you will see..and I made them keep doing it! hehe!!) They also know how to be silly and have a blast…even how to laugh on command! ha!! (I often ask people to laugh on command because it creates the most hilarious expressions!) Thanks for a super fun day, Sara & Rory! You guys are the BEST!! Can’t wait until August!! 🙂

And we finished up at an awesome wheat field…

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  1. These pictures are simply beautiful…and maybe it’s because I’m a photographer, but I loved the picture with your shadow on them!! I loved it! 🙂

  2. yay for Troy,OH!! Givin’ them the love!! heehee..I had a friend that waitressed at Taggarts! Love the stairs pics oh and the wheat fields photos, too!! They are all great!

  3. My fav shot is the one where they are in the grass looking at eachother. It’s simply sweet.

  4. i love how i look like I am this big tough chick with HUGE biceps in the shadow shot!! Too bad it’s not true! 🙁

  5. Wow, how stunning! I cried when I saw these. Sara is the most beautiful woman inside and out. She is so so sweet, and I hear Rory treats her like the princess, too. She’s been such a blessing in my life and a great mentor over the last serveral years. I bet it was a blessing to photograph these two, and what a wonderful job you did. You captured Sara’s true heart in these-how amazing!

  6. one of my favorite engagement sessions! way to go jess!!

    i love love love the striped wall.. awesome colors.
    and the wheat field is great too!

  7. Rory is so handsome in these pictures…you can tell they really like to kiss.

  8. Sara is one of my friends and I saw some of her pictures and they are awesome, I love them! So I had to get on your blog and check out the rest of them…they are all so good. How do you get your photos so bright? It’s really cool!

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