2007-06-25 17:28:00

It’s hard to believe that our little nephew is nearly 6 months old! Time seriously flies with a baby! Things change soo quickly and they progress right before your eyes! It’s pretty amazing! Graham is the sweetest baby…he’s soo happy and wonderful! We just couldn’t love him more!!

6 responses to “6.months”

  1. This picture screams, “yes, I know I’m adorable. Take the picture, I’m busy.” 🙂

  2. Hey, Jess! So glad you’re enjoying your precious nephew! Ahh, children are wonderful! I was just browsing through your blog today and had such a great time looking at all of your amazing images. Hope you and Mark are doing wonderful! Miss talking to you!!!

  3. Thanks for the heads-up that a new picture was posted.
    I love your photos of Graham! Keep them coming. I love seeing him and everyone of your photos is a mini-photography lesson. I like all the creative ways you photograph shoes for your brides. Maybe you should do a coffee table book of shoes!

    I hope you are recovering quickly from your fall.

  4. the exercauser never looked so good! how awesome that you are documenting adorable little graham’s life for your brother/sister – what a treat! -c

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