2011-06-22 13:21:28

My sweet niece, Charli is officially 3 and I can barely believe it! They say that time flies and it goes even faster when you have kids. I never totally believed that until I became an aunt and then a parent. It’s true….one minute, it’s 3am and you are walking and rocking and bouncing and doing ANYTHING to get your baby to drift off to sleep…and the next minute, they are calling you by name and the minute after that, they are putting on their own shoes and communicating with you in full sentences. Of all the things I’ve witnessed in my life, watching the miracle of life happen, then have them born and enter the world as a helpless little baby and blossom into an incredible human being…is truly the most amazing.

On the morning of Charli’s party, I was helping get her dressed and as I was putting her hair in pigtails, I was telling her how much I loved her…and she said, “I love you too, JJ (which is supposed to be AJ, for Aunt Jess) and she said it in the sweetest 3 year old voice, but also more mature than I’ve ever heard her…and she leaned her head on mine….and I couldn’t help but cry. I think I scared her b/c her 3 year old mine couldn’t grasp the concept of crying out of pure, raw joy…instead of being upset. I told her that I wouldn’t forget that moment as long as I lived…and I won’t! 🙂 My sister (and my MOM) is famous for her parties, but she didn’t have much time to plan something for this go round…so this is her version of a last minute, pull it together quickly, small and simple party! (As you see these images, you will understand why that’s funny!) She says she is saving the BIG party for when Maci turns 1 in September!! I don’t know how we are from the same parents because when I throw a party, I’m picking stuff up at Target 2 hours before and my big fancy part are some decorated cupcakes and Jimmy John’s takeout! Poor Sophie is going to start to wonder what’s up with her cheapo parents as the years go on… 😉

We continued the celebration into the next day with some pool time fun at my Aunt & Uncle’s great new house! We are soo crazy blessed with the most awesome family and we love being together! It was a great having a little time off to enjoy summer with everyone…I am starting to see why people are such big fans of having a day or two OFF from work. I could get used to that… 😉


10 responses to “CHARLI’S 3RD BIRTHDAY!”

  1. What great pics. Can’t believe that Charli is 3 already. Time really does go fast. Love the last shot of you and Soph together. Also the first shot of you and Charli.

  2. Jess…I’m more like you as well. Your sister ‘planned’ a last-minute party that would’ve taken me months to put together. I love it! What a beautiful day!!! 🙂

  3. ohhh i love and miss your family!
    and i can’t wait to have my own little girls 🙂

  4. We are so blessed to have such a wonderfully talented photographer in our family. Jess is the best sister a girl could have! Thank you, thank you for capturing these wonderful memories, I will be forever grateful for all that you do to make my life easier. I love you XOXO

  5. I LOVE the picture of Mark and Sophie on the jet ski, and the one of them on the swing. And the ones of Sophie laughing in the jeep. SO CUTE!!! Looks like a perfect day. Wish we could have been there. Hopefully some day we will be there at one of these big bashes and bring the twins. That sounds like so much fun!! I love you and miss you. xoxo

  6. Amazing pics Jess! Wish we could have been there:) See you soon! Love Josh and Liz

  7. These images are great! It looks like it was such a fun party! I love all the action shots and crisp, vibrant colors. Its also great to see Jenny, Chris, Debbie & Ray from the Palomino Ballroom. 🙂 Jenny and Debbie did an amazing job helping us plan and put our wedding together, so I’m not surprised at how well this “last-minute” event turned out.

  8. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. I esp. love the pic of Debbie and Charli. Great job Jess!

  9. Oh how I wish we were there! It looked like a fun, “easy going” 3rd birthday party! ha. The merry-go-round pictures of Charli are priceless! The girls are getting so big so fast- I already can’t wait to see pictures from Maci’s 1st birthday. ha. Love!

  10. Happy 3rd Birthday Charli Ann! (a little late!) Love, love, love these pictures capturing the celebration and all the family fun! So wish I could have been there! We must make it a priority to get the cousins together again sometime this year! Time goes by way too fast! Thanks for making such wonderful memories for our family, Jess. You truly are the best! Love to all….

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