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I was contacted today by Rangefinder Magazine! They are one of the top pro photographer magazines & publishing companies…they also put on the largest photo convention that I go to each spring in Vegas, WPPI….and they are a great company! So, I was SUPER honored today when they emailed me and asked if they could feature me as a spotlight photographer, do a profile on me…and feature my work in their magazine! Of course, I said HECK YEA…and let out a scream!! YAY!!! What a GREAT honor, I’m soo excited!!! It won’t be until a spring issue…but that’s fine with me! Being in any issue…is just awesome! So, here’s the deal, I NEED your help…I have to feature some work…so if you have just LOVED any specific image from an engagement or wedding recently…would you mind emailing me about it…or commenting. You can either describe it…or if you are a Mac user, shift+f4 it and email the snapshot to me! I would REALLY appreciate it!! THANKS!!! Did I mention that I’m soo excited!?!?! 🙂

On another exciting note….this weekend is the BIG SURPRISE weekend that Mark is giving me as an anniversary gift!!!! So, I’m sorry…there will be a shortage of posts because I’ll be having a BLAST with my amazing husband (I CANNNNNNOT WAIT!!!)! I’ll be back next week, though….with LOTS of fun pictures of the weekend!! (the picture of us is on my anniversary suprise for him which was a new outfit, a great dinner at Sullivan’s and a holiday jazz concert! We had a blast…but I know it won’t hold a candle to his surprise because he is ALWAYS outdoing me!!) HAPPY ANNIVERSARY MARK, LOVE YOU TO PIECES!!! 😉

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  1. wow congrats on rangefinder! That is a great honor that you deffinetly deserve…. Cant wait to see that issue, and i’ll try and remember particular images I liked although theres so much to choose from it will be tough!

  2. How EXCITING!! You deserve it girl! You have the most amazing talent. Way to go! I hope you guys have a rockin’ time this weekend on your special trip. You guys are too cute in that picture.:) Looking forward to lots of pics (and lots of exclamation points!!!!). CONGRATULATIONS again on the magazine and the anniversary!

  3. BTW…my vote for favorite image is any of your more up close shots of the bride where their eyes are the focus. My favorite bride is Samantha of Samantha & Andy, posted 8/30/06. I love the horizontal shot where she is in the right 1/3 of the frame, hand against pole, reflection in the window. And of course any of your lens flare shots. I’m always a huge fan of the way you pull those shots off so wonderfully. You have so many incredible images…I don’t know HOW you are going to choose.

  4. Congratulations! that is such a cool honor. Well deserved, of course. Your images are just unique and fantastic. Looking at them always inspires me and I’m sure all that read that issue of RF will feel the same.

  5. YOU ROCK!!!!! Congratulations!!! You are SOOO deserving of it!!!!!!!

    We would have called and congratulated you if not for it being your ANNIVERSARY today!!!


    We love you both to death and hope you two have the GREATEST WEEKEND EVER!!!!

    See you guys next week! We cannot wait to hear about your getaway!

  6. AWESOME!!! How exciting! I’m just disappointed I don’t have anything to submit YET!!! When in the spring does it come out? As far as your BIG SUPRISE, I have been waiting for this weekend since you told us a few months ago! I can’t wait to hear all about IT! I will happily suffer through the next few days of no blog posts, IF you make sure to tell us all the details (well, all the appropriate details:) YAY for suprise weekends! Have a blast and Happy Anniversary:)

  7. Wow! That’s fantastic news about the magazine! Congratulations!! I’m super excited for you!

    Great pic of you and Mark!

    ****Happy Anniversary!****


  8. Congrats Jess! You certainly deserve it! The weekend (for putting up with Mark) 😉 and the Rangefinder for being such a kick-ace photographer. Happy Anniversary to you two. Sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye to you guys last night.

  9. Happy Anniversary Baby!!!! I love You so much and I cannot wait to tell you everything this weekend!!!

  10. Congratulations Jess! I am so excited for you!! It is so great to hear about someone from OIPT doing so well!! I LOVE the ones from Lauren and Robbie’s wedding – she was such a GORGEOUS BRIDE.

    Have fun on your weekend. I think that I should have my fiance check this out so he can know what to do on our anniversaries!! What a good guy you have!

  11. WAY TO GO JESS!!! For the picture of yourself,Please use the one u use for as your OSP avatar haha. That one’s stunning.

    Wat other images to show..ermm ask them if you could put all of your pictures cos they all are goooooodah!! =)

  12. jess.
    HOW AWESOME IS THAT ARTICLE GONNA BE!!!! congrats, its a long time coming if you ask me!! i hope you guys have a great weekend too!! 🙂

    brandy j. -what a nice thing to say…thanks!!! robbie and i have been looking at your images on your blog, and we love them!

  13. Jess I am so proud of you! You are such a talented girl and you know that I am your number one fan! You deserve this so much and you work so hard, I am SO HAPPY to hear that they are spotlighting you!

    You have a huge heart and such a GREAT work ethic and your clients love you for it!!! This is so awesome to be recognized in such an awesome way!!!

    Love you!!!

  14. Un-Freaking-believable!!! Good for you two! Frankly, I’m suprised it took them this long to recognize you…does this mean you’ll have to hire security and stuff for WPPI???

  15. That’s so awesome Jess! You really do deserve it, your work is fantastic.

    SO, when you’re ready to start speaking let me know! We’re still looking for a wedding speaker next August! Feeling up to the challenge???

    Best wishes on your anniversary suprise, can’t wait to hear all about it!

  16. YAY! Jess…!!! I have so many favorites, how will you you ever choose? Can’t wait to read it!

    Have a blast this weekend with Mark. You two are SOOO precious!

    One of your biggest fans!


  18. The photo of Kara Centofante waving out the window of the Bentley looks like it belongs in Town & Country magazine. It is an absolutely magical photo. It gets my vote.
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