2008-01-17 13:36:31

Although I don’t really have time to gossip right now, I still will! 😉 (who ever REALLY has time for gossip, anyway!) Did you HEAR that Eddie Murphy is ALREADY divorced?

Are you KIDDING ME?? Who does that? My friends who shot Eva Longoria’s wedding ALSO shot Eddie Murphy’s wedding….and I have NO idea how they handle that kind of thing! They barely get home and get the images processed….and then heck, who needs images of a divorced couple! SAD!!! That is just SAD!!!! In other news, wasn’t Katherine Heigel ADORABLE on her wedding!! We love her…she’s soo cute!!! I loved her fun dress that was unique and different….soo great!!

Oh and for the record, YOU NEED to go see the movie JUNO if you have NOT done soo! It’s this interesting, quirkly, completely unique yet fully adorable, sweet and embracing kind of movie! I LOVED it!!!

I even cried…but I cry at everything!! (yes, at MOST weddings…i know, it’s nuts!) I was MAD that Ellen Page did NOT get the Golden Globe….but she BETTER get the Oscar!!! Now, did you hear that JENNA BUSH has finally selected a wedding date??? May 10th is the big day! CAN’T wait to see who gets the JOB!!!!

I think Jenna is great…very real and not “i’m soo hot, i’m the president’s daughter” at ALLL!!!! I get soo annoyed by people who think they are too good for things!!

Did you hear that Nicole Kidman is pregnant!? Man, this is the year to be pregnant, HUH!?? It’s the IN thing to do! 😉 In TV news….I will openly and proudly admit that I AM GLAD that American Idol is back! SURE WILL admit that!! I love winter TV!!! OHHHH….I almost forgot!!! CASHMERE MAFIA!!! Ok, so last week, Mark was gone for the entire week at training and I worked some NUTSO hours….mostly all night, every night, turning in around the 4-5 am hour (CRAZY, i know) and so I would just leave my office TV on to keep me company….so one night, while I was working, this new show came on! SURE ENOUGH…I got SUCKED in and I loved it!!!

It was Cashmere Mafia!!! Some will say it’s dumb…that is fine, I don’t care!! They are dressed IMPECCABLY (and I will admit that I will continue to watch just to see what they wear), the story lines are quite intriguing, the friendships are very real, and it is VERY quick witted and smart…and it’s just plain pretty to watch!! LOVED IT!! If you haven’t done so, try to catch it! Don’t yell at me if you hate it….. 😉 Ok, I have to get back to work now! 😉 That was fun! bye! 🙂

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  1. Jess, you crack me up! I love this gossip entry. A little gossip is great every now and then isn’t it? I know! I don’t know how some of these wedding photographers that get the high-profile jobs deal with it. Must be depressing. Oh, Katherine Heigl is SOOO cute!! And so is Josh Kelley. Adorable couple. I’ll have to pick up that OK magazine at the store and see the rest of their pictures.

  2. Goodness gracious, Jess – as if you’re not swamped enough, now you’ve started a gossip column! American Idol could not get here quickly enough for me either, thanks to the writers strike postponing my other favorites. Shall I assume you’ve been following “The Shot,” the VH1 reality competition for photographers? Great show! Could totally see you on there. Maybe next season…

  3. Hi Jess!
    Although I don’t really keep up with celeb weddings (Most end before I know they started!) I completely agree with you that Juno is a must see!!! I cried too… I saw the movie with 4 guys (including my hubby) and they all thought I was crazy. I’m glad you can relate! 🙂

  4. What a fun post. Ok… first off I need to correct you on the “Eddie Murphy is divorced already” that is not true. They were never married! SEE THIS IS WHY I SAY EVERYONE SHOULD GET MARRIED THE WAY GARY AND I DID!!!!! You have the big party and the ceremony and you eat the food and enjoy the dancing BUT don’t sign the papers that day. (we didn’t do this for the reason I am about to state, we did it because it was a destination wedding in canada and we were to lazy to figure out what it would take to have a U.S. Citizen marry 2 people that are U.S. Citizens) ….

    Anyway. You have the party and THEN AFTER all the guests have gone home, the flowers have died and you come back from your wonderful trip to a warmer place…. THEN … you sign the papers and make it official.

    Eddie Murphy just decided after having the party that they didnt’ really want to get married. This SAVED them from getting a divorce. It saved them money, time in court, wasted years in a marriage they don’t want to be in. It all makes perfect sense to me! You don’t even have to tell anyone you didn’t make it official on the day of the wedding (we did because we thought it was kind of funny) … but if you keep it between you and your hubby, nobody needs to know.

    If you still feel that you are with the right person then you just drive down to the local court house and make it legal. There is SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH PRESSURE on weddings and the last thing people want to do is lose a bunch of deposits, so they end up going through with a marriage that they don’t really want to be in, just for the simple fact that they don’t want to lose all that money on wedding deposits. Why not have the party, enjoy your time with some friends and family and then split later without going to court over it. I should do a post about this on my blog.

    I LOVE THE MOVIE JUNO! I love the new tv show… it’s like Sex and the City only not on HBO.

  5. great laid back post. I love it! So since this is the year for babies…are u next maybe?? All I know is that would be one hottie baby!!!! 🙂

  6. Happy New Year, Girl! You crack me up!

    Don’t watch much TV, so I really can’t comment, BUT I did see Juno. Well acted,to be sure, but as the future stepmom of a 16-year-old girl, I have to tell you that I was not impressed with what I saw as the glorification of teen-age pregnancy. She could have had the flu for all the thought they gave the issue.

    Oh well. At least it gave us the material for a very interesting conversation afterwards. And perhaps that’s all entertainment is meant to do.

  7. hey Jess~ you gossip blog cracked me up ! Thanks, I needed it this week.
    You should keep your eye out for Lipstick Jungle ( by the creators of Sex & the City) starts soon and looks good!
    I think Brooke Shields is in it.
    Take care!

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