2007-04-11 16:09:08

Wow, was I HONORED when I was asked if I would be willing to be featured as the PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE MONTH for The Wedding & Portrait Photographers International organization! UMMMM…YES!!! 😉 It’s a GREAT honor and I’m very excited about the feature!!! 🙂 CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE WHOLE FEATURE & READ THE ARTICLE!!!

A magazine article is supposed to follow at some point, when it fits the magazine theme and I’m SUPER excited about that, as well! THANK YOU, WPPI!! I’m extremely grateful that you felt I was worth this WONDERFUL HONOR!!

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  1. Congrats on your article! Your work it just wonderful, we love visiting your site and looking at all the beautiful pictures. So many ideas for when we both get married someday! (hopefully! hehe!) =)

  2. Hi Jessica –
    Thanks for your advice and encouragement. Your website is outstanding and your work is amazing. Congratulations on your article! You are an inspiration to me.

    Cindy Schultz
    Shelby Studios Photography
    Washington, IL

  3. Congratulations Jessica and glad to see you’re back online again. Watched you today on the GF DVD – you sound different to what I expected 🙂

  4. THANKS SOO MUCH, guys!!!!! 🙂 I really appreciate it!!!

    Chad…YOU CRACK me up!! haaaa!!!!

    Denise….PLEASE know that Gary decided to do that video one morning…I was about to catch a plane, had NO sleep because I had been sleeping on a BOAT, hadn’t showered because the shower didn’t work, was dressed like a slob and hadn’t done my hair…and was trying to eat a quick breakfast and catch a flight…and Gary decides it’s the perfect time to do a VIDEO and interview me!! I about killed him…but I had no choice…he just turned the camera on and said START TALKING…. the rest is history…and now the photog world gets to see me like that, thinking I am regularly an unshowered, discombobulated slob who only wears hooded sweatshirts…and that is REALLY not true!!! 😉

  5. i love being a fan of jessica strickland … it’s a crowded room but totally worth the elbows and standing room only :). nice feature … but you’re even more fun in person! congrats!

  6. Way to go, Jess! It’s exciting (and a little scary) to contemplate where you’ll be in a few years if you keep this trajectory up. The best part is that you’re not even trying to call all this attention to yourself – you’re just being you and doing great work. Just don’t forget us little guys!

  7. Congrat’s Jessica!! LOL..I just read your comment about Gary’s DVD. I thought your we’re very charming and cute and that video 🙂

  8. Hey Jess! Awesome article! Now you will be “WAY” too famous to eat lunch in Paris with me next year! ha ha ha

  9. Congratulations! That was an awesome article and so is your work.

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