2011-12-23 01:37:57

I recently had the awesome opportunity to go to Canada, where two of my best friends live and help them with their newborn twins, Willow & Wesley! It was such a sweet, wonderful, intimate, special time…I will remember it for the rest of my life. While it was filled with all the things you expect, tons of feedings and diaper changes, help with dishes and laundry and meals, even less sleep than I get at home….I really loved all of it because it was filled with memory building life experience of being there for my friends as they embark on their journey as a family…and while it sounds cheesy, it’s an amazingly special thing to be a part of. When you watch two people you know well and love as a couple turn into parents…and a family…it’s really incredible…and awesome…and makes you have one of those “this is what life is all about!” kind of moments! It was hard to be away from Sophie for a week and hard to be gone from work during the busiest time of the year, but getting to be a part of Willow and Wesley’s lives, if only for a week, was something I cherished sooo much. I miss them like crazy…and their Mom & Dad! 😉 While I was there, we made several attempts at a photo shoot…i love these images…. 🙂

Meet Wesley…the lovable charmer…

And Willow, the innocent and sweet one…

Melissa & Gary live on a fantastic, warm, inviting ranch so we did a part of our shoot that reflected that feeling…

And then we did some bright, fun ones too!!

23 responses to “MELISSA + GARY + WILLOW + WESLEY”

  1. Photography is a beautiful gift to your client. When I look at your beautiful images of other people, I go wow that’s pretty. But when they are your own, it takes a whole new meaning of deep appreciation. These kids are growing so fast, and I’m trying so hard to absorb every moment. Nothing shows how time changes than watching your kids grow. And having you with us – watching how you fell in love with them as we have was priceless. You know, as long as they live, you will remember changing their diapers. And so will we. Wow am I so glad you dragged this girl to my workshop in Cincinnati. And I think these two little ones are pleased too!

  2. What an awesome gift – your presence, your time, your physical assistance changing nappies, the love you gave, moments you cherished with this beautiful new family. And the images will last forever. Well done, for all of that AND more!

  3. I was hoping that the fabulous JS would be showing off some beautiful images of Willow and Wesley. You did a wonderful job of capturing this precious family. I love the 2 different vibes. These are great!

  4. I love this series of you new babies images beautiful, just luv the lightning was it all natural? just want to say Congratulations on your 2 little blessings, there such angels Merry Christmas!

  5. Wow, Beautiful babies and fab photography! You really captured them Jessica! I love the ones of them on the sofa snuggled up together! Adorable.

  6. Melissa and Gary: Your babies are completely adorable, and you can see in these images how in love you guys are with them!
    Jess: Amazing job!!!

  7. I can’t take how cute they all are. Such an amazing gift to have these images. They are beautiful.

  8. These are breathtaking Jessica. Just so so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. What a special time for you and your friends. I can see all the love in every photo.

  9. Gary, these images are so precious. You and Melissa look so happy, and the babies are oh, so adorable! You two make awfully cute bambinos. Jessica, beautiful job on the photography. Love the ambient light of the first set.

  10. Absolutely stunning images!! Beautiful babies! You can see the happiness in Gary & Mel’s eyes!
    God bless you all!!


  11. I love the way you captured the love that this family shares its all in their eyes.. the way they look at their new precious babies and the ways they look at each other.. beautifully captured and seen..

  12. These photographs of this loving family are so beautiful, they brought tears of joy. So happy for you, Gary and Melissa, Wesley and Willow. Kiss a tender nose and toe for me…

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! What a special gift…. the double blessing… all the love… and brought together and captured so beautifully by you. <3

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