2010-09-27 13:47:22

I’m soooo behind that I still haven’t posted Sophie’s 5 Month pictures…which we did at 5 & 1/2 months and have been sitting here waiting for me to just post on the blog for a month now…considering that Sophie is now 6 & 1/2 months! Phew!! She is just INCREDIBLY precious right now….when you look at her, she just LIGHTS up with the biggest smile and squeals and laughs!! It can just turn my most tired and frustrated of days into pure joy in seconds!! She is saying DA DA DA DA….and while Mark is convinced that she knows exactly what she is saying, I am sure that she will actually say MAMA first, when she KNOWS what she is saying! 😉 She is the love and light of our lives!!!! 🙂 And she CRACKS us up, too…you will see why!!! Here are the MANY EXPRESSIONS of our sweet little Sophie Rae Strickland!!

And she has mastered the perfectly sweet and innocent face too…

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  1. Sophie is the most precious thing. I bet she gets anything she wants with those eyes/looks/expressions. Love her!

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