2007-01-21 16:48:51

Hi! 🙂 So, it’s Sunday…and you know what that means?? I’M HAPPY because SUNDAY is my favorite day!!! There’s something soo yummy about waking up and not at 6:30..then starting the day with a super inspirational Church service (we have the BEST, most FUN Church!), then cozying up near the fire at Panera with warm & yummy soup, then having some time to chill,

probably running to Target (LOVE!) and Starbucks, do some web site inspiration, washing the sheets and going to bed on fresh, crisp sheets, usually having a great dinner with our family…and getting to spend the whole day with Mark! I also love reminiscing about the great wedding the day before….and the anticipation of seeing the images once I get them downloaded! It’s this whole super happy feeling that I get when I shoot images that I am pretty sure I’m going to LOVE and I haven’t seen them yet…it’s a Christmas morning kind of thing! (yes, i’m wierd, but it’s just this part of me that I love!) Today is great, too…..because when I woke up this morning, I opened my eyes and our room that has silver walls and chocolate brown quilted silk bedding

(which I LOVE, btw…and is featured on the right and available at Z Gallery!!) had a certain white glow about it…not a normal one. I instantly knew, it had SNOWED and the white glow was the reflection of the snow through the blinds! So, I jumped out of bed in that child hoping for a snow day kind of way…and SURE ENOUGH….3 & 1/2 inches of snow blanketed the ground….and I was smiling like a child! It was absolutely beautiful and soo serene. I always have the need to share my excitment with someone, whenever it has snowed (don’t know why…just do)…so I started tell Mark to wake up to see the snow. His response was “great”…and he went back to sleep. Clearly, he wasn’t feeling the love…but then he doesn’t

quite wake up as chipper as I do! I was excited….so I went and got my giant cup of hot coffee and started downloading my wedding images….watching the snow fall outside of my office window. Oh…it was soo great! I had a GORGEOUS wedding yesterday and I CANNOT wait to show it to you! I’m going to have a reeeeeally hard time narrowing images down for the blog…because every 10 images I took…I would think “now THAT is a blog image”…so by the end, I had about 300 of those. So, wish me luck. I’ll definitely need it! So, now….I’m researching fun, bright knit hats to photograph my little nephew in (something I recently have become obsessed with…little kids in cute, bright hats, that is),

listening to “like a star” by Corrine Bailey Ray…which I just downloaded and LOVE…..and am enjoying 10 minutes of Jess time. So….as you know, I’m an Indianapolis native (although I actually grew up in California, which is a little known fact!)….so we are COLTS fans, through and through!! So, tonight…all attention will go to one thing! THE AFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!! We are about to burst with excitement…CANNOT WAIT!!! We’re leaving now for a football & pizza evening with my fam!! I love Sundays…. GO COLTS!!!!!

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  1. I absolutely adore Sundays too! We just got back from our church service, and then lunch with friends and family at Montana’s restaurant and now I have all afternoon to pine over the 30D I just bought off of ebay yesterday!! I’m so excited for it.

    Mmm. Sundays.

  2. Jamie P. where do you live that has a Montana’s restaurant? that is one of my favorite places here in canada (kelowna) YUM. we go all the time.


  3. Oh Jess, Sundays are our favs too!!! I actually convinced Sticky to go on an early morning snow shoot with me – and he agreed!!! It is so great to see that stuff again, isn’t it??

    Our Bears won and we are now watching the Colts – I am totally cheering for your team!!!

  4. HOW EXCITING THE COLTS VS. THE BEARS FOR SUPERBOWL 41!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Born a hoosier….I’m rooting for the Colts..although growing up my dad was a Bears fan….and now living in Dayton I do cheer for the Bangals, however I can’t wait for the superbowl. I will be cheering for the Colts!!!!!!!!!!!!! (however, Brandy if the Bears win I will be okay with that too…Kinda in the middle…Fun stuff!!!)

    WHAT A GREAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    And the snow this morning (at 5:30am was amazing, but driving it was NOT fun!) Hope you had a great weekend!

  6. “I always have the need to share my excitment with someone, whenever it has snowed (don’t know why…just do)…so I started tell Mark to wake up to see the snow. His response was “great”…and he went back to sleep. Clearly, he wasn’t feeling the love…”

    That’s SOOO Funny! I am the SAME way! And I was trying so hard to contain my excitment and just let Brandon sleep, but I just couldn’t! 🙂 Brandon was about as excited as Mark was, so I just got the cats all excited by showing them the snow coming down and the birds eating the birdseed on our deck. 🙂

  7. I’m obsessed with trying to find bright fun hats for babies too! YOu NEED to check out for ADORABLE hats..they have so so many (click under accessories).. It is sad when I could spend a fortune on hats alone..but they are just so cute, ya know?!

  8. I just had to share my love for Corrine Bailey Rae – Love her! Thanks again for all the work you put into OSP Indy!

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