2009-12-07 18:32:25

Meet Aidan & Alex….quite possibly two of the most charming boys I’ve ever met…and I am soo smitten with them!!! We had such a terrific shoot…they were cracking me up and giving me hugs within 10 minutes! When I left, they asked if I could stay and watch movies with them….and when I could come back next!! Melt a girls heart!! 🙂 It was soo special! I left the shoot adoring them, as well as their awesome mom, Michele…and truly excited about having and raising one of my own…. 😉

And then I got a lil concert!!! It was AWESOME!

And then they deserved some play time!

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  1. WOW – they are so darn cute! I love your work, and this shoot rocks. Wish we lived closer – would love you to shoot my family 🙂

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