2007-04-17 23:24:41

Here is another CUTIE PATOOTIE!! This is Colin and we had a super fun shoot!! He’s just soo sweet and smiley!! His cute little cousin Cate came along for the shoot…and you know I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of her playing! SUCH cute kids! It was a GREAT shoot!! 🙂

And the cute miss Cate!

5 responses to “*colin*”

  1. for god sakes women, please do a seminar/workshop so some of us stalkers can get our pictures to look like yours! a day with js, that’s all we want. these pics are beautiful.

  2. these photos are awesome, jessica! thank you so much for such a fun day and for being so laid back and relaxed with the kiddos! we all really had fun and can’t wait to see the full set of pics! thanks again, Jill

  3. So happy you guys were finally able to connect. You really brought out his spirit! Hope you are well.


  4. Jessica, these pictures captured the innocence, joy and beauty of these two children. their doting aunt (by the way there is one more beautiful cousin that did not make the shoot)

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