2008-01-31 15:22:15

My most recent session with the ever adorable and completely wonderful Ella & Merritt! It’s amazing to think that I started with Ella when she was younger than Merritt is now….and I don’t even feel like I’ve blinked….but yet years have passed! It’s incredible! I can honestly say that I understand how you hear parents say that you feel like you blink and they are already 18! I just adore these girls!

Ella was as dramatic and vibrant as usual….it’s what i love about her! 😉

And little Merritt was a precious as ever……

9 responses to “ella.&.merritt”

  1. WOW! They are beyond adorable!!! They have some of the prettiest eyes! What a lucky photographer you are! How cool! 🙂

    Cathy & David Photography

  2. holy personality!! ha, what a cutie, looks like she probably had just as much fan as you did on this shoot! her sister, i’m assuming, looks like she’ll be just as bubbily.

  3. Those are my adorable great neices.
    OH how I love them.
    these pictures are great!

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