2009-09-11 10:39:24

Meet sweet baby Hannah!! Isn’t she just soo precious and adorable?? I swear….I don’t think it’s possible for her to be any cuter or sweeter!! This shoot had special meaning because she is the new baby of one of my awesome and amazing couples, Becca & Craig!! Congratulations to you, B&C…she is absolutely amazing and makes me even more excited to have my own!! All my love…

9 responses to “HANNAH”

  1. OMG, Becca! She is absolutely gorgeous….what a precious little doll!
    Jess, super job!

  2. I cant lie, I have a pretty big crush on Hannah…great photos….my favorite is the one in the big chair.

  3. Becca & Craig…good lord you make a cute baby 😉 She’s an amazing girl…congrats again!

    Jess…once again, fabulous photos! I’m glad Lucy was able to sneak into one!

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