2006-05-07 22:08:29

What a beautiful day…and what a terrific couple! Yesterday was a great day…the weather was the best….65 degrees, no humidity, bright sunshine and an amazing blue sky! So, when you mix that with a gorgeous bride and a handsome groom…you have yourself the makings for a perfect wedding!:)

I just love Corrie & Kyle…they are awesome! It was such a fun, laid back day…full of soo much love! When I first met Corrie, I quickly realized that she is the kind of person who you can’t help but just adore. She is soo kind and genuine…not to mention , gorgeous…with the best smile! She doesn’t get worked up about much…and she smiles alot! 🙂 I was soo excited to photograph her…and also her wedding day, because…by nature, she’s really cool & laid back and I knew her wedding would be the exact same way…and it was! 🙂 I hadn’t met Kyle until yesterday…but I had a feeling he would be alot like her…and he was! He’s a great guy…and they make a beautiful, incredibly happy couple! Ya know how sometimes, people just mesh and look like they have been together forever….well, that’s how it is with Corrie & Kyle…they just mesh! 🙂

They also have amazing families who I think are soo great! They are all super close with their families…and their friends! It was a special day with soo much love….laughter…& tears. It was a really great wedding and I was soo honored to be a part of it! 🙂

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  1. OH JESS!! As always your photos are SO beautiful!! I just love the FEEL your photos always have! Seriously, can I come down and follow you around a wedding?!?! I just how you capture everything!! GREAT job, they will LOVE Their photos!!

  2. Jessie, we can’t believe that little girl that we watched grow up at Lakeview would grow up to be so talented. You do beautiful work and we are very proud of you.
    Love Brad & Sue

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