2007-07-05 10:17:03

Laura & Ramon had the greatest wedding!! They are also a fantastic couple! This wedding had meaning for me because I’ve known Laura for long time!! She’s a high school friend of mine and we spent all of our middle & high school years as locker buddies because our last names were in line together! I also love seeing all of my high school friends…it reminds me of how much fun we have together! Gosh, which also reminds me that next year is our 10 year reunion! Ahhh!! Anyway…this wedding was SOO fun! Ramon is from Mexico and was fortunate enough to have all of his family and a large group of his friends come in from Mexico for his wedding….and they turned it into a HUGE party in full mexican style…and it was a BLAST! They had a full Mariachi Band that followed them into the reception after they were announced…and the room exploded with applause and dancing! It was SOO fun!! Laura & Ramon…I adore you guys…I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon!!

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  1. S•T•U•N•N•I•N•G

    You are a R•O•C•K•S•T•A•R photographer 😀

    ~bobbi 

  2. Jess! It was so good to see you at Laura’s wedding! I feel like I didn’t get to talk to you at all! Just wanted to let you know that these pictures are gorgeous, like always!


  3. Jessica, I am an admirer of your photos! Your use of color is just beautiful. I am just getting into photography in Indy. I would love to chat about the photo biz and could use any advice you could give me!

  4. Hi Jess! Your pictures definitely tell a wonderful story! I was so bummed that I couldn’t make Laura & Ramon’s wedding (now that I’m out in CA), but your pictures made me feel like I was there. Thanks! Hope all is well with you. I definitely hope to make it back for our 10 year reunion.

  5. Jess, we just took a peek at the blog and the pics are soooo good! Can’t wait to see all of them!

    Thanks so much and we had such a good time!!!!!

    Laura & Ramon

  6. Jessica,

    Just talked to Laura and Ramon. They are having a wonderful honeymoon and getting some much needed rest. I loved seeing the pictures of the wedding – they are so beautiful. I just wish the night could have lasted forever! It was great to see everyone having such a good time and it is amazing how things come together. Thank you for sharing your talent and capturing some beautiful moments. Looking forward to seeing all the photos.


    Mary Ann (Laura’s momma) Ramon’s new mother in law!

  7. Jessica:

    Just wanted to comment that everyone i have shown your pictures to are impressed by your work.

    We could not be happier for the time and effort you put into our wedding.

    Thanks a a lot.


    P.S. My younger brother from Mexico already told me that when he gets married, he wants you to do the pictures!!

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