2007-06-29 12:21:46

What a great couple Steph & John are!! They had such a fun wedding…they are fun, super laid back people so it fit perfectly! Steph was soo cute, she loved being photographed and while we were outside shooting…it was like 88 degrees, misty rain and 100% humidity and I asked her if she was ok, assuming she’d say something like, “yea, but I’d love to get inside and cool off soon”…but no, instead she said, “are you KIDDING, Yea I’m ok…..I’m LOVING this….I don’t care how hot it is!” That’s what I love about her!! I also got to see several of my other clients because they are all a big group of friends, which is super fun! I love that!! Steph & John…your wedding was wonderful!! Thanks for being great and soo easy to work with! Hope you are enjoying your honeymoon!!

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  1. ok so you knowwwww i am going to be the first to post a comment!! I have been WAITING for you to put these up! 🙂 THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! Once again you have proven yourself to be truly amazing!! I cant wait for Steph to see these!!! (and for us all to see the rest!!) 🙂

  2. Well I WAS going to take the wife to Sullivan’s for our anniversary dinner tonight, but now that I’ve seen these beautiful shots of yours, I may have to take her to Pizza Express instead to satisfy my Pavlovian craving for all things IU. Thanks a lot! 😉

  3. Well I did leave a comment but for some reason it’s gone now! Beautiful wedding, I love the last pic of all the girls singing! 🙂

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