2006-11-28 11:31:26

Wow….what a fantastic wedding Susie & Jay had! First of all…if you live in the midwest, you know that the weather has been amazing! Saturday was the most incredible day…65 degrees, beautiful sunshine! It was great! Mark and I were actually married on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and it was a total blizzard! You just never know here in the crazy state of Indiana!! Susie and Jay totally deserved the great day…they are super sweet and put a wonderful wedding together! It was very warm, initimate and sweet! They were married in the cutest little Church…it created such a close, embracing atmosphere. LOVED that!! You might notice that I was slightly obsessed with the red door. It was a great door! Anyway….they also had the most laid back day…there was no rushing, it was super low key, very easy going and tons of fun! It makes a wedding such fun when you have time to laugh and take in all the great moments!! They are also a gorgeous couple…as you will very clearly see…so photographing them was a breeze!!! So then…I was expecting a normal reception…great food, good laughs, fun dancing…well, it was all that, but then…it turned into this WILD dance party! Who knew that would happen! There were dance contests and sing alongs…and everyone was involved and it was totally WILD! Susie’s sweet Grandma was even in on the fun with a beer in her hand!! It was SUPER fun! Thanks for letting me be a part of your awesome day, Susie & Jay! 🙂 (i’m a poet and i didn’t even know it!!!)

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  1. What a HAUT couple!! Way to work that red door Jess!! I love the one of dad (?) peeking out the church door – great moment! 😉

  2. First off, I agree the weather has been fantastic. I spent Saturday shopping at Metropolis. Secondly, that red door is so fun (and how smart of her to have the flowers to match). Thirdly, I love the very first picture of her (where you can actually see her face) and the one of the two of them kissing, where you can see the whole little church.

    great as usual.

  3. Jessica,

    You ARE a poet!! ha!!! Lovely photos and darling couple! There’s just no end to your talent, its been so fun keeping up with your weddings over the last few months! You’re awesome!!! I never get tired of experiencing your unique approach to wedding photography. Thank heavens for your creative mind’s eye…its a breathe of fresh air!
    Any christmas weddings booked?

  4. I was wondering if the bride could tell me the style number and designer of her dress, it is so pretty!

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