2013-06-21 01:22:25

Oh my heavens, this shoot was soo FANTASTIC!! Shelby & Brian are the reason it was soo great…they are simply AWESOME and I just love them!! We had a couple of reschedules thanks to rain and while I was on my way to our shoot, it was pouring and storming…and I felt soo badly. They had been soo patient. Although, we stuck with the plan and said we would call it if it kept pouring…but wouldn’t you know, RIGHT after we got to our first stop, the rain stopped and the sun started to come out! Before we knew it, everything had that post rain storm vibrance and the wet leaves and streets were all glistening in the sun. It turned out to be a gorgeous evening and these two deserved it!! Shelby and Brian have an amazing chemistry…..they are a perfect fit for one another! They are soo naturally witty and hilarious with each other while being soo loving and sweet….it was soo fun to photograph them and SOO EASY because they just turned on the natural charm of their relationship from the minute we started shooting!! I love it when couples have a lot of fun together, are playful and have a fantastic sense of humor with one another…it keeps life fun and that’s soo much more important than most people realize. Shelby & Brian…I really had SUCH an awesome time with you both! Thank you soo kindly for embracing the shoot completely and being soo terrific to work with! I was beyond impressed with you two and loved really seeing how much you truly cherish one another! Can’t wait for your wedding next year…it’s going to be soo GREAT!!! xo! 🙂


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