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These images nearly leave me speechless (which is pretty tough to do) and it has nothing to do with me or my work…it has everything to do with this couple and how drop dead GORGEOUS they both are (I know you don’t mind me calling you gorgeous, Kashyap! hehe!!) 😉 and how truly incredible this whole shoot was! From the minute Priya and I first spoke, we were friends right away…and we’ve worked soo closely on their wedding from day one and I just feel soo close to them! I knew they were stunning and they are self proclaimed posers (and not afraid to admit it, which I LOVE!) so I could NOT WAIT to get them in front of my camera! Wow, wow, WOW, they did NOT disappoint! We truly had an incredible time together, they were absolutely amazing in front of the camera….embraced the entire shoot 150% and I really think it shows!! We even did an entire additional portion of the shoot that I will have to keep under wraps until the wedding…but I can’t wait to share!! Priya & Kashyap….what can I say, I just adore you both!! You are such wonderful, warm, kind hearted people and you truly have a zest for life, joy and each other…I LOVED getting to capture your love!! Thank you for making this shoot amazing! xo! 🙂