2008-11-04 14:04:09
Wow…I can’t believe it’s here!! Soo exciting!! I just returned from waiting 2 HOURS, yes, 2 hours to vote!! YIKES! We live in a semi-rural area…so I didn’t expect a wait at ALL, in fact, neither did the other 300 people in line….and the precinct didn’t expect the number of people either because they only had TWO voting machines! Luckily, mid way through my wait, they brought in a third machine and things sped up a bit and took the expect 2 & 1/2+ wait down to 2 hours!! Good thing I got free Starbucks after all was said and done!!

I hope you all voted!! Whether you love, hate or don’t really feel either way about the candidates (honestly, I don’t really LOVE Obama OR McCain…I kinda wish I had a hybrid of the two), I just hope you exercised your right to vote and voted for the person who you identify with most!! If you are in Indiana, you better have voted for Mitch Daniels!! He’s the best thing to happen to this state since CORN!! 😉

Can’t believe that at this time tomorrow, we’ll know the results and who our next president is!!! These are pretty exciting times, kids!! I love being an American! 🙂

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