2012-10-25 21:44:13

OHHHH the sweet Bostics! How I adore them!! I can’t believe how fortunate I have been to photograph them for soo many years…it’s like a fall tradition for us to be together and I love it!! They could NOT be any cuter or well dressed or awesome to work with!! We literally spend the entire time being silly and having fun and telling jokes…and the kids are major troopers through it all! The day before our shoot, their parents SURPRISED them with at trip to DISNEY LAND over their fall break and they were leaving the morning after our shoot…so that was a nice bonus for me too because they were happy as can be for our shoot! I would have been too!! I told them I was totally jumping in their suitcase…but then I remembered how many nice people are waiting on blog posts and photo shoots…and I realized I had to be a grown up and work! BUMMER! 😉 Being a kid is pretty great!! THANKS, Bostics for an awesome shoot! You guys ROCK!!!

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