2011-11-18 12:52:40

Oh the sweet Boyce Family!! I simply adore them sooo much. It’s just soo great having such wonderful friends and getting to be their photographer so that I can watch their children grow…and watch their family grow too!  I also love this family for the fact that they always understand that sometimes, you get perfect shoots with perfect weather and sometimes, you get crazy shoots where you are sort of just figuring it out as you go, based on what mother nature is throwing at you…and it’s just part of photo shoots…with babies and little boys and weather! It literally started SNOWING like mad (in early November!) while I was driving to the Boyce’s…the wind got crazy and the temps were dropping…I just knew it was going to make for an interesting day! You see, photographing inside in the late fall and winter can be really tough, it’s darker and lighting is a challenge…then add a newborn with three active (but super awesome!) little boys, all cooped up inside while trying to do a photo shoot…it can be a recipe for craziness…but in all honestly, it turned out GREAT…..and per their usual, the Boyce’s were flexible and understanding (even when the boys decided they wanted to do a pose of all of them in a pile with baby Nate on TOP! hehe!)….and we had a BLAST!  Luckily, the snow stopped and we snuck outside for 3 minutes of pictures right at the end! I even got the text from Deanna after I left saying that the boys were asking where “Aunt Jess” went and that I had moved to AUNT status!! Am I a lucky girl or WHAT!?  😉 I love those boys!! Thanks, Boyce Family…you guys are just the best!!

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