2012-05-30 16:17:00

Every now and then there are times when kids are just kids…and they aren’t big fans of being the subject in a photo shoot. Noone knows this better than me because my own child is among the worst! Well, we had one of those days with the Prefontaine’s…and frankly, I get it…I’ve photographed Lexi since she was born and she’s seen all of my tricks, jokes, silly dances, songs, games and bribes…and she’s ready for new material because it doesn’t work all that well anymore! 😉 Luckily, when I did my crazy loud wild chicken impersonation, I got a few smiles! 😉 And when we filled her up with sugar from cupcakes, we got even more smiles and it all worked out in the end! Jill & Kevin…you guys are seriously awesome. You are always soo great and helpful and patient….even when things aren’t going super smoothly despite all of our best efforts! I always love seeing you guys and am soo grateful to be the lucky girl who photographs your beautiful family! I’m just going to have to dig deeper into my tricks and games bag for some new material for miss Lexi! 😉 Luckily, Ava hasn’t seen much of it yet! xoxo!



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