2012-07-19 00:14:55

It had been quite a while since I photographed the Snider family, they are plus 1 since then! It was SOO great to see them…and we joked that our last shoot, many years ago in Bloomington was a SUPER steamy, h0t, thick day…and yet again, for this shoot, it was a super steamy, hot, thick day…it’s just hot we roll apparently! Luckily, they did roll with it quite well and I certainly understand that it’s not exactly fun to be photographed in those hot conditions, all while wrangling three kids! I felt lucky to be able to capture little John’s scowl….not my typical thing to be working toward, but they warned me early on that he might not be the smiliest boy on the block and that he actually has a signature scowl that they try to capture in pictures…and not only did I get the scowl, I got MANY smiles….I was pretty excited! 😉 Snider Family, it was soo nice seeing you all again…thanks for a fantastic shoot and being such troopers in the heat!


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