2006-06-09 12:54:14

So, after a somewhat challenging day for poor Ashley & John (car issues, a concussion) ;( we ended up getting the first half of their engagement session photographed! I’ve know Ashley for a long time and she’s awesome! It’s soo clear that John loves her soo much! I can’t wait for their wedding in August! It’s going to be on their family’s farm and I love new environments for shooting…so I’m excited! We’re actually photographing the second half of their engagement on the farm, next week…so stay tuned for Ashley & John part 2! I’m hoping it isn’t such a challengin day for them, next time! 😉

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  1. aw she looks really good! it’s been forever since i’ve seen her. great job on the pictures. by the way, my hair cut turned out great but the color they did is AWFUL! i look insane. soo, i’m going to have to get that fixed. oh and don’t be surprised if you do get a call from me tomorrow. 🙂 i hope angela doesn’t go into labor when she’s taking pictures!

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