2012-10-08 16:17:45

I had the MOST fun shoot with Corinna & Dan!! I’ve talked with them for soo long about their wedding but we hadn’t formally met yet…and it was soo great to meet, spend a wonderful evening together and really get to know them! They embraced this shoot 110% and it was awesome because I truly feel that you can see all of the ways that they love each other, portrayed in these images….they are soo sweet together, have a preciousness about their relationship, yet love to laugh, have fun together and be soo playful!! Corinna & Dan…I hope you don’t mind if I share this…it’s too special not to….during our shoot, I noticed that whenever I would tell them to kiss or be sweet, they would either kiss each others cheek, forehead, nose, etc….and I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe they were reserving a true kiss for their first kiss at the end of their wedding ceremony! So, after our shoot, we sat down and had our final meeting to establish the timeline for their wedding day….and during the meeting, it was revealed that they were, in fact, waiting for their wedding day to have their first kiss….and I was in AWE. What am amazing thing to do and such a special thing to reserve for one another…I have SOO MUCH respect for these two…for that reason and many more!! On the playful side of things….at the end of our shoot, I told them to show ME what they were made of in the posing department…and to just have FUN with it….and they CRACKED me up….you will see at the end of this post…they danced, did kung fu moves and even busted out a little karate!! Hilarious! Corinna and Dan…you two are fantastic, I’m truly looking forward to and am SOO honored to be a part of your wedding THIS WEEKEND!! YAY!!! 🙂


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