2011-04-11 11:36:57

It was such an honor and a privilege to be chosen as the photographer for the first WISH UPON A WEDDING Indiana! Janice & Cory were the recipients of the wedding and they couldn’t be more deserving! They have a special and inspirational story….and being able to give them images to commemorate the joining of their lives meant soo much to me! They are two people who have a special, genuine love and passion for one another. They perservere through such frustration and difficulty with a spirit of gentleness, togetherness and love….it’s incredible to watch. THANK YOU, Janice & Cory for allowing me to witness and capture your love and THANK YOU, Wish Upon a Wedding for allowing me to be a part of this incredible event!!

We captured their engagement session and a bit about their story a while back and they have had my heart ever since! Stay tuned for their wedding coming up next!!

They did a sweet interview for the Wish Upon a Wedding organization and I couldn’t help but snap of few shots of them telling their story…

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  1. Beautiful !!! Don’t have to look too deep to see how much love flows between you two – these pics are amazing, capturing the beauty inside both of you – love ya …

  2. What a sweet & beautiful couple! Just googled the Wish Upon a Wedding Indy and what a great organization… Best wishes to both of them!

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