2006-11-03 11:28:59

What a super fun shoot I had with Kelli & Jeremy! They are the cutest couple, so in love…and they laugh a ton, which I totally love! They had the best idea for the location for the shoot…their favorite restaurant and the place they were engaged….Mama Carrolla’s Restaurant in Broad Ripple! It turned out to be the perfect location for a shoot…and I loved it! It also had meaning, which I think it great!! I think everybody should do that…shoot at a place they love or has meaning…or they just think is super cool! Ok, clients…it’s ON now….who can think of the most creative place to do their engagement shoot?? So far, Kelli & Jeremy ARE IN THE LEAD! 🙂 hehe! Soo, this shoot was just hilarious….lets just say that someone…(aka jeremy), was the picture taking pro (told him he should really get into modeling) and he was giving Kelli tips on what to do and how he had it down pat! He had Kelli & I in tears we were laughing soo hard! It was all in good fun and we had blast!! Kelli & Jeremy…you guys rock!! Hope you love the images..cannot wait for the wedding! 🙂

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  1. One of your best for sure Jessica!! I agree, what a great idea to shoot these at the location of their engagement! You can really tell that these will have an extra special meaning to them because of that. My faves are the ones of them under the archway with the vines growing on it. I particularly love the one where he is looking at the camera but she is looking up at him. Very cute couple.

  2. HOW GREAT! This is where Pat and I had our first date! 🙂 What a super idea! 🙂

  3. Amazing work. You have a great style to is truly unique. One day, I hope to find my style that will make my work as unique as yours. Looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic photos.

  4. Kel…my official verdict: ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! These pics are AWESOME!!!

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