2006-10-27 15:08:45

I had a super fun shoot with Margot & Jon! They are planning a great wedding next May on Sanibel Island in Florida….and I was lucky enough to do their engagement shoot! I have known Jon for many years…he’s the brother of a dear friend of mine! It’s funny what time does….you imagine that people who were kids when you knew them…are still kids now. That isn’t true though and I really realized that when I saw Jon with his beautiful fiance and heard about their wedding! As you will notice, it is, yet again, another amazing eye shoot! Margot has incredible eyes! So great to photograph! Jon & Margot…I wish you all the very best with your wedding and was honored to do your engagement shoot! I can tell how in love you are and how happy you make one another…and I think that is one of the altime greatest things in life…so I’m very happy for you! 🙂 (And a big HOLLA to Marilyn, the dog whisperer (ha!!) for your help on this shoot!!) Now…check out these eyes…..(i’m in love with this first image!)

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  1. Great pics Jess! Ya know, you always post such beautiful images with amazing color, and on this post you posted some great b&w images. I LOVE THEM!! I think they are my faves of this session!! I was actually thinking of you the other day and wondered if you even did much with b&w because your color is such a trademark of your style!

    On another note: I know I have asked you before about speaking. I seriously just had three members of our TCPPA suggest you to speak at our meetings. We are looking for an amazing wedding photographer and YOUR name came up!!! Thought you’d be thrilled to hear that! Tell Gary to help you get a program put together and come on up! lol!!!

  2. Jess,

    Excellent shoot, I love your use of color. You definitely have created your own style, way to go! I recently presented at TCPPA at Amy Zellmer’s request. They have a great bunch up their in the Great White North. Do it, they would love hearing from you.

    Hope to see you at photo plus expo. stop by our Blog



  3. Love the second shot and the one of them on the cement steps. Those are my faves. Thanks SO much for commenting on my blog. I appreciate you taking time to stop in for a peek.

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