2008-07-24 14:57:04

Morgan & Chris are soo sweet! We had a great time together and just enjoyed a few hours of fun, relaxed hanging out at the two places that they spent their first date at! 🙂  Morgan was even sweet enough to plan her fun colored dress around my colorful style and bright new blog! Wow…isn’t she great! It looks awesome, Morgan….you rock, girl!! 🙂 Thanks for a great time, you two! Can’t wait for your wedding! 🙂yes, i do have an obsession with these lime trees…and yes, i’m aware that they show up in nearly every shoot that i do!

And a little vintage flare to end on…

3 responses to “MORGAN + CHRIS”

  1. I have an obsession, too, but with railroad tracks and graffiti. At least one of these two items show up in every session I do. Now, if I can just get parents to trust me with their newborn on railroad tracks then I’d be in heaven! But, that won’t be likely. I guess I’ll just have to have my own newborn for this! 😉

  2. Great photos! Looks like you had fun! Thanks for sending the link. Love & Blessings

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