2008-09-24 16:36:09

I’m sorry for the lack of blog posts! I’ve literally been photographing non stop and haven’t actually been in the office to turn the shoots into posts!

I had a great, super fun shoot with Nicole and Pete! It was a perfect fall evening with yummy light and perfect temps! Ahhh….I love shooting in the fall!! Nicole & Pete….you two are great and I loved spending the evening with you! Can’t wait for the big day coming soon! 🙂

4 responses to “NICOLE + PETE”

  1. I love the pictures Jess! Thank you for such a great afternoon. I am greatly looking forward to the big day in a few weeks.

  2. Amazing…how do you achieve such vivid color? Would you mind sharing which lens you used?

  3. GREAT SHOTS! Do you use PhotoshopCS to enhance the color on your pictures? Or Elements? Or ??? I am getting ready to purchase PhotoshopCS and would appreaciate your input…Thanks!

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