2011-06-24 11:56:53

I’ll admit it….the minute Shannon friended me on facebook and I took a peek at how gorgeous she was and how handsome Sahm was, I was excited to be their photographer! 😉 Then, when I met them for their engagement session, I learned of how great they are…how much they love each other…and how much fun they have together….and we just clicked, then I grew to love them for soo much more! They were major troopers…after seeing that the temps for our scheduled shoot day were a cool 95, we planned for a 9am shoot…and at 9am, it was already 85 and thick outside. You wouldn’t have known b/c they were rockin’ it, loving their time together and embracing it wholeheartedly! Shannon & Sahm…you are both soo fantastic! I loved our time together and hearing all about the wedding! Thank you for enduring the heat and being soo great to photograph!!

OH…and another girl after my own heart with a LOVE FOR COLOR! Thank you Shannon (and SAHM!) for making my blog look soo happy and bright! 😉

Sahm: “I don’t actually think I’ve ever seen this in the daytime”, Me: “Seen what in the daytime?:, Sahm: BROAD RIPPLE. 😉 I think that is pretty true of most Indy residents and it cracked me up! 😉 (non indy peeps…it’s an area of town known for it’s bars and nighttime scene….it ROCKS by day, though!)

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  1. I love these!!! 🙂 You two look so perfect together!! Jessica did an amazing job! WOW, these are fantastic!

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