2013-06-12 15:55:08

Oh MY, what a crazy fun engagement session this was with a couple I’m quite smitten with! 😉 I have been looking forward to meeting them for sometime and they’ve been wonderfully patient through a few reschedules for weather…and finally, we met at Nicole and Kevin’s wedding (just blogged!) shortly before our shoot and we instantly hit it off! They are just soo fun, so natural, real and quite hilarious too! 😉 So, finally, everything aligned for the most perfect afternoon of weather ever (with our beautiful city of Indianapolis and a beautiful blue sky as the backdrop) and I couldn’t wait to spend the afternoon with them, getting to really know them! So, we met up and basically started laughing right off the bat when Ryan said “soooo is this going to be awkward???” and then they tried to feed me some story about not being “good at pictures!” ha! Look at just ONE image below and you will know why that is soo funny…they are AMAZING “at pictures”! We literally spent the entire afternoon having a blast, laughing non stop and sharing hilarious stories!! (thanks, by the way, Sheila & Ryan for ending beer pong early for me 😉 and for making me leave our shoot craving guacamole!) I could NOT have asked for more, they fully embraced the shoot despite Ryan being convinced it would be awkward (haaa!) to be photographed and I have to say, I ADORE these pictures, but not quite as much as I adore Sheila & Ryan! 🙂 I can’t wait for their Indian/American wedding in August!! THANK YOU Sheila & Ryan…for being SOO fantastic, having such a great time with the shoot and being amazing models…I had such a fun afternoon with you two! 🙂 xo!!



  1. ah these are beautiful photos of some of my favorite people! you did an awesome job, jessica!

  2. I absolutely love the photos you took. They are vibrant and colorful. I can’t wait to see what the pictures of our wedding day will look like! Thanks so much Jessica!

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