2008-12-21 00:50:26

These two are soo incredibly adorable!! They were soo sweet and wonderful together…it was a blast shooting them!! They also OOOZE with style…they practically walked straight off the pages of Jcrew! LOVE IT!! Tiffany and Spencer…you are too wonderful!! Thank you for your patience with the shoot (we’ll do your first family portrait in CHICAGO to make up for it!!) and the blog post!! Can’t WAIT for your wedding!! 🙂

5 responses to “TIFFANY + SPENCER”

  1. WOW Jess… Jcrew will for sure be calling you to get these pics for their mag! LOVE her boots with the kitten heel!! Are they from Jcrew too? You are AWESOME!

  2. Thanks again, Jess! We just love the photos.. they were worth the wait!! It was so MUCH FUN working with you!! Oh, and the boots are from J.Crew too!

  3. They do look like they walked out of JCrew! I did some shots just the other weekend in some of these same locations. Gotta love Mass Ave!

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