2006-03-15 16:07:56

Wow…what a FUN day! I just had the MOST fun shoot with Tim & Christine! They are great….SOO fun!:) I just LOVE them!:) We just spent the morning hanging out…shooting a few(ha!) pictures! I laugh at a few…because if you’ve ever seen me shoot, well, you know that I can rarely shoot a “few” of anything!:) Anyway…they were great subjects…would do whatever I wanted without complaints(sometimes you have a sit on cold cement, pose in strange places….and it’s not exactly comfortable)…and they almost posed with a cowboy! If he’d been “real” cowboy and had spurs on his boots, well then he would have totally been part of the shoot! HA!:)

They are a great couple and I’m soo excited for their wedding in June! YAY!:)

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  1. Thanks SOO much, Amber! That was soo sweet of you to write and let me know! I really do appreciate it!:)

    You and Nathan are both soo inspiring…thank YOU for all that you both do!:) Look forward to hopefully getting to meet you in person in Vegas! 😉 Yay…I’m soo excited for Vegas!:)

  2. Oh…and Amber…seeing your comment made me think that I haven’t been to your blog in a long time! So…I went and I’m telling you, you guys have the MOST PRECIOUS FAMILY!! I just ADORE seeing all of your happy pictures and your GORGEOUS children….and I can see the pure love that you and Nathan have for them and for each other! It’s just soo great…and refreshing!!

    I honestly get soo excited about having kids when I see your blog and your beautiful kids…and read all your fun, endearing stories! I think FUN MONDAY is really soo awesome!! 🙂

    You guys are really wonderful!!! 🙂

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