2007-04-23 22:57:34

So, this weekend, I hung out with Graham and got a few fun shots! Gosh, he’s suddenly changing SOO much and SOO quickly! It’s like one week, he’s making great eye contact and is starting to smile…and the next week, he’s staring at you for 15 minutes at a time and laughing up a storm! It’s just soo crazy how one WEEK can make such a difference!! I also hung out with him during bathtime…and it was really cool…the evening sun was coming into the bathroom and creating this warm, yellow light that was really neat!! I love this little guy SOOO much!! 🙂


6 responses to “14.weeks”

  1. yea, more graham pics…..i’ve been missing those….
    i think he’s looking more like ben…at first i just saw hannah in him…..he’s a cutie nevertheless!

  2. Jess,
    Thanks for sharing those Graham smiles. I can hardly wait to get some of those smiles in person!

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