2007-02-03 19:54:32

Well, as much as I hate to say it….I think the little guy has figured us out and is no longer into the “being naked, cold and in bright light, with a huge black camera in your face” thing because when we attempted to do his 4 week shoot this past week, he wasn’t having it! He still was precious as all get out and I completely adore him….but he’s a quick learner and was already onto me when I showed up with the camera!! Frankly, I can’t totally blame him….I mean after all…who does like being naked and cold (even though we do hold a little heater over him while doing our pictures). Poor little guy….he has only been subjected to my endless picture taking for 4 weeks and really has no clue what he’s in store for……ha!! He’s still the cutest baby in the world though and still took great pictures! I just love that little man soooo much! 😉 Graham, 4 weeks old…

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  1. welcome to my world! reagan has only smiled for me ONCE and she’s almost 6 months!!! i think it’s my fault since i had that camera in her face the second she was born. 🙂

  2. That s so funny how you put a little heater in front of him while shooting pics! I LOVE that first picture of him as he’s touching his ear….adorable!!!

    Pics still look great! 🙂

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