2007-02-06 17:47:23

The little man, Graham and I spent some quality time together today, on his 5 week birthday, while I babysat him! We had a great time! He hung out in the JRS office and enjoyed a busy work day with me! I was holding him, though and working one handed…and he fell asleep in my arms. So, I laid him down on the rug next to my desk, while I pulled up a chair to lay him in, so he could get some rest without me moving all around while I worked and held him. So, as I pulled up the chair, I looked down at him laying on my rug…and just had to pull the camera out because he looked soo darn cute & stylish!!! He woke up, though…because as I mentioned, he’s really keen to the camera….and he just gave me the cutest little faces with these super bright eyes and let me snap away for a few minutes! I’m soo glad it worked out because I love these shots!!! After I stopped, he fell right back to sleep…and all was right with the world! 😉 Did I mention that I love being an Aunt??? 🙂 (oh…and I had to throw a picture of our cat, Mocha in there! he was quite intrigued with Graham as it was the first time they had met. He took a quick liking to him, though and decided he was the guard cat because he wouldn’t let Graham out of his sight! it was hilarious and he also looked quite stylish against the rug!)

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  1. Jess,

    I have a friend due with a little girl in March and I can’t wait to take photos too! You are such an inspiration. Thanks again for being YOU;)

  2. Those are amazing. I love the color of that rug. SUPER SUPER cute! 5 weeks old and he’s already a heart throb! 🙂

    GREAT job Aunt Jess!!

  3. Super cute!! Our cat is always curious when babies are around too, he goes up and sniffs the baby and then wants to curl up next to it! It’s too cute!

  4. Jess, these are gorgeous! You captured some great expressions! I love the first horizontal one with his raised eyebrows and the one where he’s sleeping with his hand by his cheek. Mocha is looking like quite the handsome devil.

    btw, love the color from the rug!

  5. HI Jessica so good to see such great pics. I love being able to keep up with the progress of my Great GRandson this way, would be better seeing him EVERYDAY , but this is a real treat when I am not close enough to visit often. He just gets lovlier all the time and I thnk he gets it from ME. Love, A’Lucia

  6. Grandma, you crack me up. “He just gets lovlier all the time and I thnk he gets it from ME”. He does have good genes.

  7. Great pictures Jessica, he’s a cute little fellow. I’ve got one on my own. His name is Max and he is born 2 months ago.
    I love him more than anything, I was born a father that same moment.
    You are a great photographer btw, and i’m a huge fan of your work and style. I’m a frequent visitor here and I hope that I will will able once to take the dynamic pictures like you do.
    Greetings from Holland
    Thanks for all the pleasure I get from
    watching your pictures.

    Edwin van Stenis

  8. Hey! Great shot of Mocha! He’s a doll. So, tell us again, how does he prempt Graham’s blog space? Indeed, Mocha is cute, but not that cute–cat lovers eat your heart out!

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