2007-02-22 15:34:58

Our little angel of a nephew is growing SOO fast!! It’s hard to believe that the little man is already 8 weeks old! He’s the sweetest baby and I don’t think we could love him MORE!!! I snapped a few quick shots of him today….so here is Graham at 8 weeks old!!

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  1. Absolutely Precious!

    I have a friend that just found out she’s pregnant. I’m SO giving her your phone number so you can take pics of her newborn in October! 🙂

    You alway cease to amaze me with your work. You are wonderful and SO incredibly talented. I envy you!! 🙂

  2. He is sooo cute!!! You do such a wonderful job on everything you do. After looking at your nephew’s pictures,
    I can’t wait for my new grandchild (2nd one) to be born next month.
    I know that Jeremy, Abby, and I’m not too sure about Ella, are ready any day.
    I wanted to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and 27 doesn’t seem all that bad. Just wait till your children are 30 and 28!!!
    Sounds like you have a GREAT WEEKEND already planned.
    Ella’s Grandma Scales

  3. Well Jessica , don’t worry about 27, I turned 77 on the 20th. Age doesn’t matter, The mind matters and I am still 27?? in my mind, maybe not really 27 in my mind, but I know I am not 77 mentally I still get intersted in lots of things , productive and creative. Enjoy lots of things, ( although my physical limits are different. So enjoy 27, it was only yesterday I was 27 and had 4 children/
    Graham is sure changing and I like the pictures a lot, he is a lovely baby and I appreciate thew\ chance to read your messages. It is nice to know your husband is home with you and so many firnds to enjoy. Happy Birthday from Ben’s Grandma Harper

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