2012-02-13 16:09:58

It was a lovely, sunny afternoon in January and my family gathered at The Sanctuary in Zionsville to celebrate the 70th birthday of an incredible woman, my grandmother…or as we call her, Granny! 🙂 She is SUCH a special person, a spitfire of sorts ;), with a wonderfully great personality, a beautiful spirit, thoughtfulness that knows no bounds and impact that is great. You would think she just turned 40, one look at her and you will understand, I hear it often….but my Grandpa is 81 and looks like he is 50, so there is something in the water at their house, which reminds me, I need to tap into that water! 😉 I am beyond blessed with an incredible family, a truly special, love to be together, always have a great time kind of family and I really cherish them wholeheartedly. My aunt Jill and uncle Jerry put together this lovely party in honor of my Granny and it was such a nice afternoon, all about this one great woman who we all love and adore….and were reminded just before her birthday to never take for granted. Love you soooo much, Granny….Happy 40th (+30) Birthday!! 😉 Thanks soo much for organizing such a fantastic party, J&J! 🙂

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  1. Your pictures of this moment are simply breathtaking!!!!!!!! Love you, Aunt Jill

  2. Are you kidding me?!?! Forget the (always) fabulous photography, they’ve found the fountain of youth!! Alleluia!! Now…where is this fountain located?

  3. What a precious Grandaughter………you are such a blessing. Thank you for ALL the wonderful memories you continue to create!!! You are indeed a TREASURE and we love you bunches!! p.s. BTW…anyone can have the same fountain of youth right at their kitchen sink…it’s called alkaline/ionized water. Call us at (317)298-9739

  4. Only word I can think of is “Wow”. It was a beautiful day, honoring a beautiful woman,
    and the photos are beyond “beautiful. Thanks go to many for the memories made this day,…
    and I have recently bought this “fountain of youth”, but am a little behind my sister. I don’t think I’ll ever look as youthful, but hopefully will have her energy. Sure enjoyed
    getting a chance to relive the day through these fabulous photos.
    Sue Decker

  5. We felt so blessed to be included in this beautiful celebration of the most inspiring woman I know! The pictures are stunning!
    Cindy Gray

  6. We are both so very blessed to know you both. We had a wonderful time celebrating your birthday and it seems like every time we are together, it is always a celebration!
    We are looking forward to a repeat performance every 10 years. 🙂 Why not?

    Love you lots! Steve and Gail

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