2008-09-12 16:33:02

I really believe that simple is always better, as long as it still makes an impact!!  So, I’m slowly transitioning everything to the “fresh, simple and modern” look that the blog started…and the stationary was next in line! (the website is coming soon….but it’s tough to do in the middle of the busy season!) I found a wonderful custom letterpress company out of California, called Lettre Sauvage! I just LOVE letterpress and how you feel the awesome texture of it as you hold the card! They did a terrific job on the cards and were soo easy to work with!! Thank you, Lettre Sauvage & Fiona! You are terrific! Ohhh….and BRIDES…they do wedding invitations! 🙂

4 responses to “A.NEW.LOOK”

  1. I LURVE IT! :p

    …But the designer in me is begging to ask the question why the “photography” font on the business cards is different from the “photography” font on the blog? I much prefer the ‘thin’ look of the business card.

    Also, you should kern that ‘j’ into ‘essica’ at the top of the blog. …Same with ‘Strick’ and ‘land’ at the top of the blog. I only bring this up because I’m in the throws of redoing everything from the ground up (even renaming), so I’m noticing this stuff much more these days.

    Yeah! Letterpress rocks, and I’m a total paper freak. It sucks to be a designer. LOL

    I can’t wait to see your new site. 🙂


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