2006-10-04 11:44:59

Sooooo…..I forgot to mention this! I, myself and several other local photographers were called by MTV, yes…..MTV! We are just that cool……they just called to tell us that! NO, I’m kidding! hahaha! (still in shock that I got a call from MTV…hello!!!) They called because they are looking for YOUNG BRIDES to feature on a documentary they are doing on young marriages. You MUST be between the ages of 18-21 to be featured…that is the CATCH! I know that none of my brides are that young….but if you know of ANYONE that age, who is getting married between now and the end of the year…… who would want their wedding to be featured on MTV…have them call me and I’ll give them the info! Should be verrrrrry interesting! 🙂 (in my head, i’m hearing….i wannnnt myyyy mmmtttttvvvvvv….) hehehe! 🙂

4 responses to “attn.brides”

  1. We’re ROCK STARS! Well, temporarily. But hey… I’ll take what I can get! I WANT MY I WANT MY I WANT MY MTV! 🙂

  2. Ill be 22 when i get married in September 07… hey if MTV wants to contribute some $$$ Let them know I’m interested!!

    PS Things are coming along pretty well! Cant wait!

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