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2008-05-07 12:03:11

As I’ve mentioned, my one and only sister is PREGNANT with her first baby and the first baby on my side of the family! So, as you might guess, we are ABOUT TO BURST with excitment!! It’s CRAZY how time flies because she is ALREADY 8 MONTHS ALONG….it feels like YESTERDAY when we got the GREAT news!! I can hardly believe it! We’ve been busy lately, as she turned 30 just recently and we threw her a big 30th bday bash…and just a few short weeks later, we threw her an even BIGGER baby shower!! It was such fun….baby’s just bring out the BEST in people!! We had such a great time with soo many people that we love and she was SHOWERED with the MOST WONDERFUL gifts from everyone!! Everyone was soo generous and now she’s JUST about ready to have that baby and she has EVERYTHING that she needs and could ever WANT for that matter!! 😉 This was the perfect party to prep for little CHARLI’S (yes, we have a name for her and it’s CHARLI) BIG ARRIVAL IN MID JUNE!! Cannnnnnnot wait!!! These are SUCH fun time, I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the WORLD….. 🙂

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  1. This looks like an amazing baby shower! Its too funny, my sister is pregnant too, with the first baby on our side, so we are all too excited for the new arrival! Congratulations!

  2. Hey Jess,

    GREAT shot of Jenny, you and your mom ! Sadie and I had a fun time and were glad to see you all. Sorry we could not stay for the entire time! I cannot imagine how long it took her to open all those wonderful gifts!!!


  3. Jess—these are amazing!! WOW! What an amazing shower, it was decorated so beautifully!!! She got the giraffe I want! Also, what a cute name for the baby, very adorable!

    Now–I cannot wait to see pictures of the baby, when she’s born of course!! 😉

  4. Jenny looks great! Wow… what an amazing shower. Looks great. Best of luck to the whole family. I know Ray is about to burst, he’s waited sooo long.

  5. Jenny looks great as do you and Debbie. I think I even spied my daughter in one of those pics! Only question, where was Grandpa Ray?! It’s always great to see your family on this blog. Speedy delivery to Jenny!

  6. What a beautiful shower!!! I love the colors! So exciting…being an auntie is wonderful! Enjoy it, have your sis have babies is like none other!

  7. Jess,

    What a beautiful shower! It looked so nice and you are such a great sister!!! I am so excited for you!!! By the way, I am having Jess withdrawls. Seriously. I am moving back at the end of May, so maybe we can meet up next time you’re at the Fashion Mall for a coffee…or something else at the Cheesecake Factory =0) Congrats again!!!!!

  8. Jessica,

    This is great news! She is so adorable pregnant!!! You are going to LOVE life as an aunt. My best friend, the closest thing I have to a sister, just had a baby a month ago. She is used to me knocking on her door everyday for time with Isaac…can’t get enough of those cute little beebies!


  9. Awww! She looks so happy! That kid is going to be so spoiled – big giraffe – I always wanted a big giraffe!

    Rack Force, my future son – is getting NO TOYS! That’s right! Because I want my kid to be lean and hungry! Angry! Ambitious! Bitter! Born with issues!

    Haha just kidding congrats love you all.

  10. Oh my gosh Jenny, you are so freaken CUTE! Seriously… you are adorable and that dress is cute and the party is cute. Way to go Jess!!! You rock. You have to throw me a party when I have a kid. Ha ha. Just kidding. Ok maybe not kidding. 🙂

  11. Jess,
    What an awesome picture of you, Jenny & your mom! Thanks for inviting me and Abbi. We had a great time. Everything was so pretty and so was everyone! Great pictures. Can’t wait to see the baby’s (Charli’s) pictures real soon.


  12. Amazing what babies can do to our lives. Congrats to your family.

    I know you are going to spoil Charli so much.

  13. Oh wow! These images are so colorful! I wanna have a baby and get lots of presents! Beautiful pictures!

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