2006-09-03 20:56:43

wow….today was such a gorgeous day….one of those days that really makes you grateful to be alive!! perfect 65 degrees, beautiful puffy clouds, sunny and just plain fantastic. there are very few things in the world that compare to fall in indiana. i love it soo much!! i also had an fantastic wedding yesterday with two of the sweetest people. i can’t wait to show you. also…..i’m sooo sorry for the lack of blog posts, i’ve been super busy. i hope you all enjoy your labor day and take a little time to just be grateful for all the awesome stuff in life! 😉

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  1. I always love your outdoor/nature pictures, but I appreciate them even more now since we are no longer in Indiana. Fall is my favorite time of year, but it doesn’t seem like Fall here in Georgia, and it probably won’t until December! Today’s high temp was around 80—which was actually a cool day for us! I am really going to miss being in Indiana this Fall..the cooler temps, colorful skies, the smell of the leaves and corn fields. Keep posting those Fall pictures for me!

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