2008-11-12 19:56:00

So, today…at a hair appointment for my badly neglected hair….my new and terrific stylist and I suddenly decide to cut my hair off! Yep, like 5-6, maybe more…inches….GONE. In typical woman fashion, I will love it and hate it about 18 times in the next 24 hours! My husband hasn’t even seen it…so here you go, babe…hope you like it! (although there is no chance, he hates when I cut my hair short!)

My not sooo sure yet face….

My lame cheeseball smile….

And one not hiding behind my jacket….

28 responses to “CHANGE”

  1. I love it! Perfect for the fall….! BTW…cute coat (and of course in typical Tomasina fashion, I must ask where you got it??)

  2. Jen…What is a Jennifer Fischer pendant? Mine is just a necklace with a J on it!

    Tomasina…you are the cutest…it’s just from Old Navy! 🙂

  3. Mark would have to be crazy not to love it!! it looks great!! 🙂

  4. OMG – You are so gorgeous … and totally rocking the Blue Steel look – love it, love it , love it! =)

  5. Jess, you’re gorgeous! When you say short, I thought you meant at-the-chin short. Very cute and you rock the big curls.

  6. It looks great….I thought it would be shorter….you’re so over dramatic!:)

  7. O my, you’re gorgeous!!! I love the big curls as well.

    Wondering what you use to get your curls like that. Thanks.

  8. I need to see a shot of it from the side and from behind to make a decision. 🙂

    Just ribbing you a bit.

    Cybil was right. It is really Christina Applegate-ish! Like you….I don’t know a soul who doesn’t like her hair or her for that matter!

    I feel like Nicole, you could get a buzz cut and still look amazing.

    Your gorgeous Jess!!!!

  9. Stunning! Your hair always looks good no matter what you do to it! I also LOVE that jacket by the way.

    You have the most gorgeous color eyes!! 😀

  10. Super Cute!!!!! Hope you are doing well! Would love to grab coffee if this busy season ever slows down 🙂

  11. You ALWAYS look FABULOUS… and I would NOT consider that short HA!

  12. A friend referred me to your blog and I must say your work is amazing!
    I hate to ask this, but could you tell me where you got your necklace? I am in LOVE with it and I want to add it to my Christmas wish list! 🙂

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