CHARLI | 7, 8 & 9 MONTHS

2009-03-16 22:48:43

It’s been a while since I did an update on our sweet niece, Charli…so I figured I’d do a few updates in one! She is soo awesome…so fun and soo full of life right now…smiling and laughing non stop and totally lighting up our lives!! Between her and Graham, we aren’t sure how we could adore a child any more, so we hope we have reserves in us for when we have our own kids! Something tells me we might! 🙂

Oh….I should tell you that we actually DO put clothes on Charli, her parents do actually, but I just think less is more…for babies, that is!! 🙂

At 7 Months….at bathtime….

At 8 Months….

And at 9 Months…I can’t believe she’s already 9 Months old!

10 responses to “CHARLI”

  1. OH my goodness!! I can’t believe those little toofers! The pictures are amazing, Jess- thanks for sharing!

  2. WOW! Way to cute. I had the wonderful pleasure of seeing Charli for the first time, wish you all lived closer so we could spoil her just a little more. She is so beautiful!!! Thanks to Mom & Dad for bringing you to Florida, and thanks Jess for sharing the pic’s. Miss and love all of you.

  3. WOAH! she’s a super cutie! i fell in love with her in an instant! 🙂

  4. Mom Jenny and Aunt Jess, how can we measure the love we have–someone so small captures our hearts, our heads, and our energy. May the Lord always give us wisdom to guide such an unbelievable gift 🙂 Luv U

  5. OMG. She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute it is not even funny!!!! My fav is the 4th one down!! WHAT A HOOT!

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