2009-09-01 18:36:23

Can you believe my sweet little niece Charli is already 1 year old?? Well, actually she’s 14 months and we were a lil delayed on this shoot because I’m soo busy right now!! Yes, I know I’ve slacked on blog posts of her…I’ve heard it from many of you….but that’s what happens when the last 6 months have been a pure chaos of busy-ness, moving, house building and craziness.

She is just the best ever….we are soo in love with her….I can’t even imagine how much we’ll love our little one if we love our nieces and nephews as much as we do!!

We had fun on this crazy shoot…she is as busy as they come…running in every direction, happy, playful and great!!

14 responses to “CHARLI”

  1. What a cutie and how much fun it is that auntie Jess is the master photographer!
    Knowing little Charli I just love her expressions. She is a trip. Next shoot needs to include an eating scene, eating spagetti!!!
    Uncle C is en route to you guys, left about 1 hr ago. he will have fun with this little one.

  2. What beautiful pictures. They really show Charlis personality. I see a future baby model here.

  3. Great photos….duh! Loved that tutu! Hope you are doing well! Saw baby Jayden and he’s a cutie too!

  4. What a beautiful little girl. Our family is blessed to have this little angel Charli, and such a talented photographer! Can’t wait to spoil her just a little more. Love Aunt Jane and Uncle Dave

  5. She is getting so big! It is toooo sad how fast they grown and change!! She also is too Sweet!

  6. Jess, I did not comment the first time I was on looking at this wonderful princess but cannot keep quiet 🙂 Of course, we are biased to Charli just a little but she is terrific–love the joy she radiates 🙂 congrats to Jenny and Chris!!

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