2008-07-08 09:45:03

How could this face not MELT your heart!? uhhh!!! I just adore this little angel soo much! Charli….3 Weeks!

Just to confirm…this is actually me, not my sister! My Mom gets photo credit for this! I’ve recieved a few emails of people saying, WOW, your sister dropped her weight really fast…but that’s actually me! ha!

5 responses to “CHARLI”

  1. Hey Jessica, i always check our your blog and i will say ” i love the collage idea”
    I love your Photography.

  2. That is an adorable picture that your mom took of you and Charli!
    Bailey and I got to meet Charli finally in person the other night! Chris & Jenny came by and we were the lucky two that were actually home! Sadie and Bill were totally bummed that they missed out!

  3. I think the collage is too much, personally, I do like it, but I enjoy looking at one at a time. CHARLI IS SO CuTE!!

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